Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ant Problems?

Ants are great, unless they get into your house, kitchen, and then your Lucky Charms! then they are all bad!

Boric acid ant bait:

on stove top mix 1/2C Water with 1/2 C Sugar until disolved, then add 1 TBSP BORIC ACID. Place this mixture away from pets/birds/ stuff that will drink it, except for the ants.
Place the mixture in bottle caps where ants frequent and when they find it they will eat it and share it with the colony, and it should knock the colony back by a good amount , if not all the way.

 This stuff will work too.


Ants in your garden are generally not a bad thing, in fact they can be a very good thing, fighting off the bad insects. However they can make a kind of "nursery" for aphids . aphids are bad because they cause problems with your plants (citrus and the like) and the reason why ants like them is they poop out a tasty sugary stuff that ants eat up! and to keep this source of "candy" they will fight off the predatory insects that would naturally feed on aphids.

Thus the boric acid bait comes into play.

so get out there and protect your fruit trees from aphids by knocking back those ants! or just rid them from your home.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Now is the time for Copper!

Advancing to copper age!

Now is the right time to apply those copper sprays, and anti fungus products. But what are you talking about? you ask? Why Peach Leaf Curl is what I am talking about, of course! Peach leaf curl will make your peach tree grow cancerous looking leaves, that are bubbley , and curled. These leaves will eventually shrivel and fall off, spreading the disease and that is terrible. This will also affect the fruit production of the tree, either stopping it or severely limiting the harvest of fruit.

Peach Leaf Curl : Pic taken from