Thursday, July 12, 2012

My avocado tree died

I did exactly what you are not supposed to do with a baby avocado tree.
Right after forcing it into transplant shock I bathed it in harsh constant full sun . This was too much for such a young tree and proved to be its end. I might have been able to save it if i had simply given it proper shade. Had i constructed even a wall of card board it might have been enough to give the tree time to put out new growth.
I did not get a picture of the dead avocado tree because i was so distraught over killing my baby.

But i did get a picture of about three days before it fully went.

Oh well, i suppose i Will simply need to try again and do it with more experience under my belt.

Thanks guys! Come back soon !

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Avocado Tree transplant!

So, I wanted to use my earthbox for something other then a tree, because that is permanent and I would love to put herbs in there instead. What I decided to do was to move my avocado tree to out behind my house.
Empty EarthBox
 So my avocado sprout was in the Earthbox HERE , but  I took it from the Earthbox and decided to put it out back. But this left a large open spot just waiting to be filled.

As with any time you transplant some form of plant life it will sustain some kind of damage. This is because the roots that you are disturbing are similar to your insides (stomach, liver, kidney ect.) and if you go poking around in there it will cause some damage, just like getting surgery. 

A good amount of this shock could have been stopped by a good transplant fluid, basically a vitamin bath you cover the plant and its roots in when moving it. It provides all the nutrients and good stuff for the tree
Newly Transplanted Avocado Tree

The leaf wilt from transplant shock

The transplant shock is rather pronounced in the wilting of the smaller newer leaves, as they tend to die out first, leaving the older larger healthier leaves to keep the plant going.

You can see where I put the tree, it gets full all day southern sun exposure, and the plot of dirt is surrounded by black asphalt which increases the heat in the area by probably 10 degrees. All said this little guy will have one heck of a time making it through this summer in its new location. Here is hoping I can keep my little tree alive and well!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Avocado tree sprout.

About 2 months ago I stuck a Avocado seed in my Earth-box. I has sprouted and seems to be doing just fine! It makes me happy to see that I can create life by just putting a seed in the ground! Maybe this is why I enjoy plants and gardening so much? 

I have wanted to grow an avocado tree for some time now, and the fact that I got one to pop up out of the ground is something that makes me smile. I love avocado fruit, in fact if I were stuck on an island with a choice of 3 foods to eat for the rest of my life avocado would be one of those!

 my doggy, kun kun decided to give it a sniff as well.
You can see the new leaf on the left, obviously new because of how light it is.

The lastly you can see that The baby tree is doing very well because it is already sprouting new tiny leaves to continue its growth patter, which is up!

OK guys! thaks for reading ! come back soon to get another glimpse into my garden.