Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Avocado tree sprout.

About 2 months ago I stuck a Avocado seed in my Earth-box. I has sprouted and seems to be doing just fine! It makes me happy to see that I can create life by just putting a seed in the ground! Maybe this is why I enjoy plants and gardening so much? 

I have wanted to grow an avocado tree for some time now, and the fact that I got one to pop up out of the ground is something that makes me smile. I love avocado fruit, in fact if I were stuck on an island with a choice of 3 foods to eat for the rest of my life avocado would be one of those!

 my doggy, kun kun decided to give it a sniff as well.
You can see the new leaf on the left, obviously new because of how light it is.

The lastly you can see that The baby tree is doing very well because it is already sprouting new tiny leaves to continue its growth patter, which is up!

OK guys! thaks for reading ! come back soon to get another glimpse into my garden.

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