Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Further Along

(P1)What you doing? (P2) Eating Chocolate! (P1) Where'd you find it? (P2) Doggy Dropped it.

As of yet, the plan has been expanded to include horseradish and asparagus. With the use of a strong back and a hefty shovel, we should be capable of removing the old tree stump which seems to want to grow back by the shoots its putting out. then once we have removed the old, we shall place the new! 

Garlic anyone?


Monday, March 28, 2011

THE plan

Emphasis is on the wrong syllable. Ha, i do enjoy that phrase. BUT that has nothing to do with what I have in mind to speak of.

Thus I shall Speak: As you might know, my family has had a few things happen to it recently, but these things should not get in the way of the most important thing in life, GARDENING! lulz.

I see myself as a novice gardener, though I have been told I have a green thumb, I do run into trouble with white powdery mildew. So, I'm no the most experienced gardener around, but i do have a trick or two up my sleeve. Most of my know how is self taught from books, Bob Tanem, and hands on experience.
My hands on experience is from my sisters house wich has a plot of land that is just waiting to be amended, tilled and planted. The same goes for my grandfathers house although his land has been amended and turned already. I do not have any real dirt that i can plant at my own home, excluding a couple earth boxes, and a pot with my tiny orange tree in it. However this will not dissuade me from using what land i have to make the best of things!

Now, i pose a question to you. Excluding tomatoes, what plants should take up residency in my land plots? I will be putting 4-5 Tomatoes into my grandfathers, and a small variety of peppers into my sisters. Other then that its up in the air. What do?