Monday, March 28, 2011

THE plan

Emphasis is on the wrong syllable. Ha, i do enjoy that phrase. BUT that has nothing to do with what I have in mind to speak of.

Thus I shall Speak: As you might know, my family has had a few things happen to it recently, but these things should not get in the way of the most important thing in life, GARDENING! lulz.

I see myself as a novice gardener, though I have been told I have a green thumb, I do run into trouble with white powdery mildew. So, I'm no the most experienced gardener around, but i do have a trick or two up my sleeve. Most of my know how is self taught from books, Bob Tanem, and hands on experience.
My hands on experience is from my sisters house wich has a plot of land that is just waiting to be amended, tilled and planted. The same goes for my grandfathers house although his land has been amended and turned already. I do not have any real dirt that i can plant at my own home, excluding a couple earth boxes, and a pot with my tiny orange tree in it. However this will not dissuade me from using what land i have to make the best of things!

Now, i pose a question to you. Excluding tomatoes, what plants should take up residency in my land plots? I will be putting 4-5 Tomatoes into my grandfathers, and a small variety of peppers into my sisters. Other then that its up in the air. What do?


  1. I know! I know! *waving hand wildly in the air*
    herbs: basil, cilantro (you are strictly forbidden to toss it onto the grass), thyme, oregano.
    Maybe I'll get an earthbox for these??
    Veg: onions, greens, summer squashes, Romas (a must) and beefsteaks
    Too bad we can't grow cheese...
    fruit: meh.
    Also, I want to plant a rosemary bush

  2. I want heirloom maters and lots of zuccetta. No growing cheese Feh!
    I wouldnt mind scallions, squashes summer and winter and a little Ethan box!!!

  3. Al: As far as the HERBS go you should get an earthbox. that would be the best idea. it could be on your deck and you would not have to go ALL the way down to the gargen to get fresh HERBS. AND earth boxes are good because you dont have to water them every day!

    yeah, lets get us some more onions, those are fun if nothing else, and the lettuce is a lot of work to clean, but comes out great!

    THE ROSEMARY bush from last year is ALIVE! it survived! we gotta transplant it! you pick the place, and ill stick it there!

    Also, if you let me go at it, i will take a shovel and dig out that stump in the way back. might end up with a six foot hole, but it would be gone, then we could put in a REAL tree! PEACH!

  4. Sanford: You and your silly Heriloom tomatoes, so weird looking, and only you seem to like them. haha. We should stick to just 2 kinds of tomatoes. like some Heriloom variety and beefsteak. easier to take care of.
    I believe we should do some kind of squash, maybe some zuch. I would rather do just one, not both, they get sooo huge! take up about half the box!

    YES! lets grow and Ethan BOX!

  5. good luck with your brand new blog