Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogger is being rather difficult for me. When I try to do key things like comment my fellow bloggers it tells me to log in.... when I am in fact logged in... so confusing.

but anyway, On with the magical gardening fun! I have recently made a few adjustments to how my sisters garden gets water. My sister and brother in law are both rather busy with their one year old, and work, and many other numerous things. So I decided to take one thing off their mind for them. The watering of the garden.

What I did was simply purchase a battery powered water timer. You set the time, and turn the fancy yellow knob to how often you want it to water, and your off to the races! This particular one will water your garden everyday at 6:00 AM for 15 min intervals for up to a full hour. I have it set to 15 mins every other day, the lowest setting.
 If your looking at the picture on the right above wondering what the heck it is, I'll tell you. It's the water faucet with a splitter, then a on/off nozzle on the left, the watering timer on the right, then another splitter. I know it is a bit much, and I think I'll break it down to a more simple design, but I was thinking we would need water at more places then we do.
Anyway, once the watering timer is set up, you run the hose out to the garden, and (in my case I have ANOTHER splitter) you attach the Soaker Hoses.

You then run the hose(s) to all the plants you want to live.
Then with all your plants surrounded by the drip hose you simply set it and forget it!

I realize that some of you folk might still be a little lost as to why I'm running a hose around my garden. The magic part of what this hose does is drip water. That's right, I'm actually advocating buying a hose with holes in it!
In fact Soaker hoses are one of the best ways to water your garden. If you have a big enough plot of land ,and you use exclusively soaker hoses to water the US government will give you a tax break because it saves on water.


  1. yeah blogger have those problems by the way good to see progress

  2. i cannot wait to get my very own garden started!

  3. How do you get the tax break?

  4. Yeah gardening is very relaxing. Very good post.

  5. yeah sometimes blogger is a bi%$h. good post :)

  6. This is the first time I've heard of a soaker hose, very nice concept!

  7. I need to get myself a soaker hose, they make everything much easier :D