Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's Show in detail What I have planted At My sisters house.

I eat uno, dos, tres, quatro burritos
Pretty soon I can't fit in my Speedos

-Weird Al

I know I have told you in text what I planted. But I figure you might like to see pictures too. they are more fun anyway.
I planted a variety of Tomatoes; Sun Gold, Early Girl , and 3 Roma's. Also I put in a Watermelon and a canalope. 3 different kinds of pepper , jalapeno red bell and orange bell pepper. and a bunch of herbs/spices, oregano, chives

The Sun Gold tomato is really just a new thing to try for me. I typically don't like the flavor of tomatoes that are not red.

 The Early Girls Are a good choice because they will produce earlier in the year and allow me to have a harvest for a longer period of time.
 I like to use the Romas for cooking. One of my favorites for sauce and on sandwiches they are perfect!
You gotta have your spices. I consider Onion a spice , haha, also cilantro because I plan on having LOTS and LOTS of salsa this summer! Home grown salsa is the Plan, well see how it works out!

 I Am not sure I will have the room to put the strawberries into the garden itself, so I stuffed it into a pot. However I do think it should do OK there for now. Once I see how big the watermelon and cantaloupe are going to get I might move it. But it seems to like living in it's pot.
The Watermelon and cantaloupe are going to get huge, assuming they get the heat and water they need. I just wish I had the materials I wanted when planting. I was thinking of putting a whole bag of chicken manure under the watermelon and cantaloupe. dig a deep hole, pour manure in, cover with 1 foot regular dirt with veggie fertilizer mixed in. then plant them. For first month or so they will grow normal. Then when the Manure starts breaking down in the soil under the plant and releasing heat it will give them a huge boost. To top it off when the plants roots hit the pocket of manure it will be at just the right time and they will get a second boost. BUT, I did not have the two bags of manure to do this. So sad. Maybe next year.
 For now I'm battling the strange weather. One day it is 90Degrees(F), the next its raining and about 50 Degrees (F). When it levels off and starts to become hotter my peppers will will do much better. For now they are just above dormant then get growing with hot days and get knocked back on cold. two steps forward one step back.

Next Post I will show progress of how my plants are doing. I will Also have my cages set up, so you can see my set up 100% done. Well... it's never 100% because it is always a work in progress. BUT I'll give my opinion on what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong!
So, thx for reading all! Tune in next time for a more complete view of my garden, and the TOMATO CAGES!


  1. Nice, You have a good variety there! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor!

  2. Ooh. I'm not much of a gardener, but that looks sweet!

  3. mmm, tomatoes! imma make a tomato sammich right now :P

  4. i gotta see tehse tomato cages for reals

  5. awesome! i am looking forward to my heirloom tomatoes, and i have cucumber, zucchini, peas and peppers.

  6. the internet is yet to be really well utilised for the art of gardening. Good luck in your endeavours

  7. can never go wrong growing ur produce... (unless u dont know what ur doing lol)

  8. Good luck with your green thumb, hopefully they come out nice and juicy.