Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Got Some Ripe Heirloom Tomatoes!

Hello All!
Today is me showing off what tomatoes I have picked, and what a common problem is with tomatoes, and how to deal with it.

Let me see what I can show you today! I got a nice little tomato harvest! So lets show off what I got!

Here is one of my Favorite that I have grown. These make me happy! They got nice and big, but they were not as numerous as I had hoped for. So sad, but they are GREAT on my Burgers! Yummy! Care to guess what kind of tomato?
Nope! Nice try, but its a Black Pineapple ! Or if you could read the smaller print on the label it also goes by Belgium Beefsteak. Those silly Belgians.

 I got another fun thing from my garden! These things are great, and because they are not a pure variety they are bigger then what they should be. These things are like weeds, they pop up everywhere the year after you grow them. They are about the size of those Huge grapes with seeds, care to guess what they are called?

YUP! Cherry Tomatoes! They things are funny little things, they are very good in salads, or nice when boiled down to a great sauce! Just a bit of straining the results because of the seeds and skin, but it's well worth the effort!
 But a word of caution. For those of you out there who think gardening is all fun and games, well I have an example for you to change your mind! The picture to the left is a prime example of what you should expect to happen if you are not ever vigilant! What happened you ask? Well I'll tell you! It's the BIRDS! you see birds are animals that are not constrained by the confines of something like a fence so they have free access to those lush green and red veggies. So watch out for them birds, they will eat you out of house and home!
Ok, on a more serious note, they birds do get some of your fruits, but they typically will not get more then three or four. So they typically do not pose a big problem. But if you have this happen you know what it is now. If you have more then the usual tomatoes being eaten you can do many things to deter the birds.

1. Hang CD's and other shiny things around your plants
2. Stuffed or Fake cat to scare the birds, or the fake Barn Owl
3. Get a real Cat.
4. If these don't work, or you don't want a cat, then just post a question for further help, I'd be happy to help.

OK! thank you everybody for the reads! and Come back next time , I'll show you what happens when your summer garden starts to wind down for the winter!


  1. Awesome! I did not get as many tomatoes as I thought I would either...oh well. Next year I am planning a much bigger garden since I had success this year. I had some surprises pop up too. Last fall we had a Halloween themed birthday party for my daughter and after the party we just left all the pumpkins out in the yard for the sqirrels and birds and never thought much of it...until I found pumpkin gourds and pumpkins growing!! They tricked me too, because they looked an awful lot like zucchini!

  2. i had a miracle fruit plant but i think ants ate all the fruit :(

  3. @Melanie: I did that two years ago, left a pumkin in my garden because it was kinda janky. The thing that popped up the next year looked like a mix between a pumpkin and a zucchini too! I think they cross pollinated and the result was a hybrid weird fruit. So much fun!

  4. @Adam: if you have ants in your plants then put a product called "Tangle Foot" Around the base of the plant. It's basically glue that the ants cant get across. Works great for squirls too or racoons, they hate the sticky stuff on their hands.
    Here's a link for it on amazon.

  5. @D4: Yup, CDs work great! and with the MP3 Era here now and cloud music, physical media is kinda a waste of space. So put them to use!

    @Nutrisystem : Just gotta fertilze once a month, plant them in the right ammount of sun, and water on a regular schedule. Not too tough, just gotta remember!

  6. Those cherry tomatoes look delicious! :)