Monday, September 19, 2011

What is Chlorosis?

 Hello Again, and welcome to another adventure in my garden!
Today I would like to show you how my Navel Orange Tree is doing!
As you can see it's nice and green and it seems to have recovered from the bout of chlorosis it was suffering from. Chlorsis is a condition in plants where the iron in the solid is either not available or not existent so the plant cannot form the healthy green color, and will drop many leaves. Fixing that last time was simple, just add some iron in the from of Ironite and get the Ph of the soil around 6.0 and it perked right up! But now I have run into another snag!
 That's right! I have another problem with my orange tree! Once again It seems to be being attacked by some unknown force making it's leaves turn from the desirable dark green to a unhappy yellow orange color.

I am pretty sure this is just another kind of chlorsis, which saddens me because that means there is something in the solid that the roots keep tapping into and its causing this. I will probably have to remove the tree from the pot , and change out a very large portion of the soil for new solid.

I have already gone through twice the reccomended dose of Ironite, which should solve this problem, but it keeps coming back. So more drastic measures are to come.
I will document just how I go about fixing my fancy little tree in the future, but for now I will fertilize it with my pooch Kun Kun!
Aint he just so cute! Ok guys! come back soon and I'll reveal how I plan on fixing this tree and maybe have a Sunflower update!


  1. I'd guess your iron is just binding with the soil and upping the PH and adding some fertilizer with a high nitrogen content might fix your problem...that's a guess from 1 semester of Biology in college so yeah, probably best to disregard ;)

    Or just replace the soil that's probably easier.

  2. Lookin good! I'll need to follow you...once winter is done, I'm going to need some gardening tips!