Friday, October 7, 2011

Praying Mantis

You all remember I'm growing sunflowers right? Well, I have been tracking them I have found that they have acquired a protector . Also, they have been getting pollinated by the wonderful bees!

 My fun and super tall sunflowers.
 The new resident. A praying mantis who has decided to claim this flower as his home. Seeing as they can fly I guess it makes sense he picked this flower because the flowers are so tall.
 Here is a pic of the mantis poking his head over the top of the flower. He is saying "Hey, I'm on camera! I'm going to be famous!"
and here he says "Hi MOM!" . Haha, this thing is kinda funny to watch. I did not see him get any bugs or anything, but I'm sure he is keeping the place clear!

 Then I had another visitor, a fancy pollinating bee! Hooray! that means that I will have pollinated seeds to munch on, and that I will have seeds to plant next year!

Then some more pictures for perspective. This picture shows not only the bee but also how high up I am to take this picture. This massive flower is about 16 Feet Tall, that is close to 3 Full grown men stacked head to toe . Man, that's tall!

OK! Thanks for reading again! and come back again soon!

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  1. praying mantis reminds me of metal gear solid 4 ^^