Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What pretty green sticks.

First things first! WOOT WOOT 100 followers! ROCKIN!

Hello ALL! Today I am taking care of my herbs. So to start things off, I would like you go to guess what kind of an herb this is.

 If you said it looks dead and cant be an herb you are close, but If you said basil then you would be 100% correct.  This is in fact a basil plant, broad leaf basil to be more precise.

Now , if you are wondering why it looks like a stringy lifeless bunch of twigs, then your wonderings will lead you to my answer. That answer would be SNAILS! That is right, those gross things that come out when it rains and go crunch squish when you step on them.                          

Snails, the bane of my basil! Now how to get rid of them.
I decided to use the product that has worked wonders for me in the past. The tiny little white rabbit poop looking things. They are made of some kind of biodegradable breakdown in the rain material, with the active ingredient being Some kind of iron. So that means it will help my orange tree too! (if you have been reading for a while you will know my orange tree has a problem with a lack of iron ) 

The magical product I have been touting for this whole time is Sluggo. It is OMRI certified which means it natural and stuff, and it can be used around my dogs!
I will update you some time soon when or if I see positive ore negative results from this.

OK! thanks for reading guys! come back soon for an update on my sunflower seeds or possibly the basil!


  1. Hey congrats on 100!!!!! And nice sluggs shot. :)

  2. I use the same stuff in my garden! Your a smart man!

  3. Thank you for following me. I am an AVID gardener. Obsessed is the word my family would use. Up before the sun and then in after it sets. The slugs were getting to my strawberries last year so I planted calendula nearby. It took care of the problem. I use beneficial plants most of the time for pest control. I live in zone 5B so the season isn't long enough for fruit trees and basil is only an annual here. My oregeno and thyme, thrive though.

  4. My Mum likes gardening. :) Cool blog.

  5. Big gardening fan, just finished working for a annual plant company myself will be following daily!! Protip: try a Sarracenia Tara (Pitcher Plant) they eat slugs and wasps ^_^

  6. Nice. I once tried to breed my own bonsai. Didn't work out so great when I went away for summer break and my mom was like "We'll just leave it without watter for two months. It's gonna be okay!" not...