Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello All! It has been a while. But as winter has taken hold the garden has basically died off an left me with only my few indoor plants to talk about. Here goes my briefing on my bamboo . 

I bought this fancy little bamboo stick for a full DOLLAR at my local 99Ranch Market. The store always smells like fish, because they have a huge fish department, but I might have to go back in to get a new bamboo because I seem to be killing my first. 
 Bamboo is supposed to be one of the toughest plants around, but I guess if you do things wrong you can kill just about anything. haha. Poor bamboo, it's got yellow leaves and even the steam is changing color a bit.
I know, lots of you thought I had a green thumb, and maybe I do have it a little, but relying only on talent will not be enough I have
found. I need to learn enough to keep my plants healthy.

 But I was able to email my aunt, who is crazy smart, and she told me what to do after I told her what I was doing. I was using a liquid fertilizer, probably in excess, and the plant was burning, or it was a bacterial infection and changing the water and replacing it with a solution of 1 TBS Bleach to one gallon water is about all you can do in both cases

The next step is to sit and wait, and hope for the best.

So, that is about it, I might have an update on my basil soon, or perhaps my Orange tree again, I am thinking of giving it a trim for the first time!

Thanks for reading all! and come back again soon!


  1. Got the same problem with my Bamboo, it's not cooperating very well.

  2. The mistake could also be in using too much water for it, bamboo needs little amounts of water while it's still young.