Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bamboo Recovery started

Hello everybody!
I am making progress on getting my bamboo back to health. As you might know I was having problems with my bamboo dying. I found that the problem was either too much liquid fertilizer or a bacterial infection OR SOMETHING ! But the cure was simply to change the water every three days and replace it with a solution of 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 Gallon water, and to disinfect the Snapple bottle I am using as a vase. This is the progress of about 7 days of treatment.

This is the whole thing. Much of the bamboo shaft turned yellow, and most of the leaves have turned yellow and fell off. Extensive damage was done, in fact if this were a car accident those people who provide car insurances would have totaled it, and just issued me a check for a replacement. However I feel rather sentimental about this particular bamboo, as it is my first, and I want it to grow to be huge and prosperous!

 As you can see there is new growth , which makes me very happy! The tiny leaf in the middle shooting out is the start of recovery. The bamboo is basically a grass, and as such will shed the dead stuff and start over.

The yellowing on the secondary stalk should come right off once the green parts under it have matured. It will act much like a scab when you scrape you elbow, protection for the soft under parts!

OK, Thanks for reading guys! come back again soon! Next time I will probably show off my avocado tree baby! 
I will probably not have any "real" garden stuff for you guys any time soon just because of the weather and time of year, but once spring shows up I will ride that season for all it's worth! 


  1. i have so many of these spread around my house lol

  2. i have had one of these, the same plant, for 5 years. i think the key is not to overwater, because I always seem to forget to

  3. cool blog, nice post, following !

  4. such a busy little cutting ^_^ good luck!

  5. I'm trying to get an avocado seed started!

    Cool blog, followed.

  6. I got one of these!
    Btw nice blog. Following!

  7. I like bamboo because of how hardy they are as a plant. They can go a while without water and live for a really long time.

  8. Cool blog, my girlfriend is an avid gardener, I'll be sending her here!