Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sad news bros!

That's what he talked about yesterday, "I want to drill here. I want to drill now." I don't know where he was standing. I think he was in a building somewhere.
Barack Obama
(HAHA, quote just to have fun.)

Those who have been following me know about my fancy little baby, my navel orange tree!
  Well The new growth is coming in, and its budding! this makes me very happy because it means its alive and doing well enough to preform normal body functions.

And here she is. living in the rather large pot and leaning on her stick!
As time has gone by I have added Dr. Earth's Fertilizer for citrus trees, and on occasion added some eggs shells and twice I have added coffee grounds directly to the soil.

But as things tend to go, my tree has developed a problem. It is due to something I have done. Not being 100% sure what it was that I did to make my tree suffer, I am sad.
Now, as you can see this leaf does not look normal , in fact it looks weird even cool. This leaf is veiny and yellowish green. This appearance is often due to a lack of Iron, or if your soil has the iron then it could be due to too high of a soil PH. THEN it could be any other number of things that I know nothing about. This is where you come in. WHATS WRONG WITH MY TREE!!?!??! lol.

Let's make a list of things that I think might be wrong, just to recap.
1:Low Iron Content in soil
2:Soil PH is too high, thus making iron inaccessible

and I'm out of ideas. Now get out there and fix my tree!

OH! and As of Friday I will officially start working the ground at my sisters place. thus making it ready to plant. I will go into some detail as to how I am going to till and amend the soil. So tune in next time and as always KFTC


  1. keep it coming, i want to learn more about house plants! following!

  2. I would totally drill your sister bro

  3. Interested in seeing how this plant grows

  4. I think I will be posting more about my avocado soon, that can be my house plant! so good idea!

  5. Sad news about your plant =(. I hope you get it fixed soon so it can grow some awesome oranges :D

  6. I love oranges! They prevent soreness post-workout.

  7. sorry to here about ur tree :9 ive always wanted to try a bit of gardening but i dont think i would trust myself eating it D:

  8. Add water to lower the pH? It shouldn't take too long for your tree to recover.
    Can't wait to see it produce oranges
    + 1 followed!~~~

  9. ooooooooo, this is pretty :3