Monday, April 11, 2011

When I think about it...

Q:Where did all the carny folk go now that carnivals are mostly self automated?
A: They now run your recycling centers.

One of my favorite fruits is the Avocado. It's so good! My Favorite has to be the brand Haas. They are so creamy in guacamole, and sweet too boot! Love putting it on my sandwiches. Just slice it up, and make a B.A.T. (Bacon,avocado,tomato) sandwich, or eating it raw on it's own, or as I did today, with some eggs and bacon! I do love these so much that I think ill try growing a tree from seed!
This is how I will go about doing it.
First You'll need your stuff, an avocado and a tin can!

Not my favorite brand but still good.
  You will also need some toothpicks!

Now this process is rather simple, but it does involve cutting a soda can, and can be dangerous to your fingers. Be careful to not slice your hand open while doing what I will be showing you how to do!

First you start by making an incision into the mouth piece of the can with your scissors. Go straight down and try to get as close to the middle of the can as you are able. It's really up to you how tall you make your can, but I like it half size. 
The Commet in the back of the picture has nothing to do with it. So, just disregard that. Haha.

It will probably be tough getting the cut started, but if you just muscle it you'll get it!
Then like I said, cut down to you desired height for you water vessel to be. If its taller it will hold more water, however it will also be more top heavy and if you make it taller. The downside to making it short is it's water supply will evaporate much faster.

Once you've reached your desired height start your horizontal incision.
Finish your cutting and you wind up with!!!!!!!!

You start by cutting the egg shaped fruit the long way along the middle. Cut around the seed in the middle till you have sliced the whole of the fruit in half,   

Once in half you grab the side with the seed in it and whack the knife into the seed to embed it deep enough to be able to twist the knife to loose the seed and extract it!

The once you have removed your seed grasp it with a towel and remove it from said knife.
Now fill your soda can half with water, insert your toothpicks into the seed in a triangle shape, and place in your makeshift water vessel.


  1. Great work! I love the blog style!

    Fallowing and $upporting BRO!!

  2. Another great post! keep up the good blogging!

  3. oh sweet i love avocados, will try this thx

  4. Hey btw Hass avocados is a breed of avocado not a brand =) Just fyi!

  5. Great. Now once it is grown up you do know it will not produce fruit until it is around seven years old.?

  6. wow great, I tried this half a year ago, but it didn't grew... wish you good luck with it ;-)

  7. Excited to see what happens ;)