Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let's attract some bees!

The weather is pick up, and becoming more like it should be for this time of year, though it's still being kinda dumb. Not nearly as warm as it should be! Speaking of bees , with the stopping of the rain they will be coming out again to farm their nectar and to make honey, and that is why I am growing my sunflowers! Bees love sunflowers because they are HUGE!

Weather for Walnut Creek, CA

56°F | °C Wed Thu Fri Sat
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy
Current: Clear
Wind: S at 9 mph
Humidity: 79% 76°F | 53°F 78°F | 54°F 78°F | 53°F 76°F | 55°F

I love how google makes the weather thing so easy to just copy and paste! haha.  But as you can see it is getting warmer, and the nights are not getting as cold, which is great for the roots of my fancy plants!

Let's show you guys what I'm currently growing from seed. Most of what I plant and claim I grew I purchased from local nurseries and hardware stores. BUT these Sun Flowers are all mine from seed!

If you look closely you can see that they have almost DOUBLED in size compared to my last post. All that growth in only about 5 days no less. Sun flowers are cool, they grow really fast, and produce a fabulous display!
All these Sun Flowers have germinated and sprouted in about 1.5 weeks and they are already pretty dang big!

I now realize I never told you the types of sunflowers I planted. So I will tell you the ones you see in the pictures.
The left one with the seed still on its leaves is a Sun Spot which will get to be about 1-2 FT tall. The right is a Mammoth Greystripe and I expect it to get to 8-10 FT tall.

The plant in the Very far back that is kinda red around the edges is a Velvet Queen and I expect it to grow to be around the height of an aveage American man, 5'6-5'11

I will be taking these sprouts to their new homes pretty soon. They will soon out grow their little eggshell container that I used to start them in . Once planted I believe they will grow to their full potential and might even produce a crop of seeds to much on!

KK all, thx for the reads again! come back soon!


  1. very nice. i just read something earlier today about honey bees getting hit by viruses and that is what is taking them out.

  2. Ah the Bees. If the Bees go then we wont be far behind them lol.

  3. Congrats on the weather. We stole it from you, it's no pouring rain over here.

  4. Looking great, good luck with the bees!