Thursday, June 16, 2011

Navel Orange Tree update!

Here is my orange tree again! I got this little fellow last year about this time. So I have had this fancy little tree for just about a year now, and I have documented most of the things that have gone wrong with it. It has had a lack of iron/zinc resulting in yellowing leaves, and then the support bamboo pole snaped so it had to support itself. Well now we have another probem! I found HOLES in a few of the leaves! What a terrible sight!
As you can see it looks like something chewed its way through this leaf.
Really this is not that bad. The leaf itself will survive and the tree as a whole will not suffer.

I put the better picture up on top, these are kinda fuzzy and focusing on the pot below. But you can still get different angles, which are nice.

My guess as to what made these holes is that it's one of a few different insects. My first guess is a Carpenter Bee. These guys are great, and do not harm your plants very much. Actually they do more good then bad because they pollinate even during light rain. My second guess is a bird, for it's nest or something, then the third is a caterpillar, but because I did not see any such thing on my tree I think I'm safe... for now!

The thing that makes me most happy is that I might actually get a couple pieces of fruit off this fancy little tree this year! Above right picture is three of about 15 oranges that seem as though they may develop into full on oranges!

The pictures above you can see the leaves are almost fully recovered from that little bout with the coffee I applied. and the leaves are mostly only yellow towards the tips of the tree. It's still in recovery, but well on its way to becoming full on healthy! Next week I will add some Fruit Tree Fertilizer.

Thanks for reading everybody! Come back next time to see how my fancy orange tree is doing!


  1. D'aw some animals are feeding off your stuff, that's a nice thing!

  2. it looks infected you should try adding banana peels to it i read somewhere that it helps give nutrients.

  3. i hope your tree is ok. i want to see the oranges!

  4. I hope your plant is ok
    send him my regards pls.
    wanna know how this will end

  5. i hope it will turn out well!


  6. Very beautiful crop you have going :)

  7. hope your plant turns out alright!

  8. Always been interested in gardening, it'd be good to know that you could sustain yourself with just a plot of land and some time if something were to ever happen.