Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Grandfathers Garden Progress

For all you crazy folk out there who have been following along, this is my grandfathers garden. It has progressed from a few tiny plants into a very nice little place for lady bugs to rest.

 For those of you who have seen previous pictures of my pooch, KunKun, this will give you some perspective as to how big things actually are. This is my doggy showing off the tomatoes. There are four tomatoes, all a different variety, and all growing in 8FT tall cages.
Next in line is the Crookneck Squash plant. It is directly behind KunKun.
 . This is what the Crookneck squash looks like. It's still very small, and as the plant is suffering from White Powdery Mildew I don't think we will have much in the way of a harvest with them. Just gotta treat for it, and hope for the best. Although it does have a few squash already, so who knows!
Next in line for being shown off is my Green Bean plant. It is growing up the cage and I hope it will soon cover the entire thing!

Also in this picture you can see at KunKuns feet some Leafy Lettuce like plants called RED CHARD. Its great in a salad or stir fried with bacon. yummy!
Then directly above and behind KunKuns head is my Blueberry Bushes!

 Here you see my Grandfathers two varieties of blueberries. You need two of them because they typically do not self pollinate and require the cross breeding to form fruits and speaking of fruits...
The Blueberry bushes have already started to produce a tasty, if small, harvest! So happy. I already tried one and it was yummy!
OK! thanks everybody for reading! Next time I will go into more detail on a specific plant... probably the crawling green bean or the blue berries. Some come back soon! 


  1. Awesome pics! I love the garden! I finally got some cages for my plants and am putting them in tomorrow. I seriously can not believe the potential size of the green beans. Keep the updates coming!!

  2. Dude, the squash looks like an std. Not that I'd know or anything.

    I'm also envious of the blueberries. I want them. Gimme!

  3. I wish my tomato plants looked like that. The leaves keep coming off. No good! Following

  4. Reading this post made me jelly, because I live in a flat and I wish a had a garden. A really great post.

  5. the blueberries are lookin good. I've had some other green stuff growing in my garden earlier.
    what a harvest!

  6. This is a very good looking garden, hope it continues like this. ") +follow

  7. Great progress! And you have an adoreable dog!