Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My SunFlowers DIED!

Do you guy recall I was growing sunflowers in an egg carton? Well, things were going great! they were getting nice and big, almost all of them sprouted. I had about a 95% success rate on the seed germination. That is great! usually the most you can hope for is like 90% possibly 85% . Just because they are not all live seeds, or they were grown wrong. But I got a really high % rate of growth.

But then I decided to go on vacation, and I completely forgot about them. Recently it has rained here in North California, rain is not strange , it's the time of year. Just last week we got a good couple days of rain, and I did not have to water anything. So that got my mind off my sunflowers. Thus I went on vacation with out even thinking about them. I come back and they look terrible...

Ever last one of my pretty pretty sprouts has shriveled up in the sun and died! A lack of water can do that you know?
 You can see that ALL my sprouts are dead because I did not water them, and that makes me sad.

Poor guys! Oh well I guess. It's a learning experience. I will try again, there is still time this year. I will just have to re plant and hope for the best. The good thing for my next batch of plants is that I wont have any more vacation time, so they will not be forgotten!

Alright Yeall! thanks for the reads as usual! and keep coming back for another update on my fancy garden!


  1. Oh wow :\ sorry for your loss!

  2. OH NO! That is terrible. My zucchini almost suffered a similar fate, but I have nursed it back to health!