Friday, July 8, 2011

Volunteer Pepper Plant.

At my grand fathers house I limited the number of plants I put in the ground at the start of the season to allow them all to get really big.
That means I did not plant a pepper plant into the ground. With this in mind I'm wondering why there is a Pepper Plant growing in the garden. haha. The picture above and below show the same pepper plant. I do not know if it is a Red pepper, a Jalapeno or what, but I plan on finding out once it starts to flower!

Then I planted a bunch of Sun Flower seeds here to get some beez in there. Because you know, bees are about the only source of pollination. With out beez your plants would probably not bear fruit! These sunflowers are about 7 inches tall. Gettting pretty big. Cant wait to see the flower.

Then I got bored at my house, so I got a Earth box and put in a tomatoe plant, basil and one piece of chard. We will see if I get any fancy stuff from this box! wish me luck!
KK! Thanks for the reads guys! come back soon!


  1. I like surprise plants. Mysteries are awesome.

  2. Its coming along really nicely! keep up the good work. :)

  3. Did you buy that earthbox!? We coulda made one for 10 bucks!! ^_^

  4. I would love to grow mystery peppers and make a spicy surprise sandwich.

  5. sounds like you have a nice surprise in waiting with the plant :p

  6. that seems like something i could do