Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SunFlowers, how tall will they get?

About the only thing that has made an significant change is the sun flowers At my sisters House have gotten really really big. about 4 of them are close to 6 FT tall. Its getting crazy big over there! That makes me very happy, it shows the soil is quite fertile.
Although, at this point I'm just waiting. Waiting for the tomatoes to turn red, waiting for the cantaloupe to get bigger then a baseball, waiting for the peppers to grow. AND Waiting for the herbs to get more green and leafy.
The cages in the background are just over 8FT tall, so you can  compare the sunflowers in front to the cages in the back and you can see that they are getting really big. I believe they have a 55-65 days of growth before flowering. Just to make sure the root system is in order, and the plant has grown as tall as possible before it sends out its big flower.

 This is the center of the sunflower, where it will pop out the flower. These Particular sunflowers are supposed to procure edible flowers. This will make me happy because I love to eat those things. Very yummy! I Just have to figure out how to harvest them.
I wonder If I should add a flavor to the sunflowers before eating them? or just use salt. not sure. Maybe do half and half.
Then the Pepper plants at my sisters house are doing very well. I think it is because the timer to the soaker hose was turned off and the hose was moved to water the front lawn. I need to get my sister a third hose so it can be used only for watering the garden. haha
Thank you everybody who has read this. Come back soon, I'm sure I will soon have great fruits to show off!


  1. Jeebus, 6ft tall sunflowers? And you can eat them? i'd get full halfway through.

  2. Wow, those will look beautiful when they bloom!

  3. Those are cool, but if I remember right they attract bees like crazy

  4. lovely, looking forward to ya fruits! :D

  5. WHOA! Good for you! my grandmother used to grow them when I was a kid and they would get to be about six or seven feet tall. I've tried them, but the squirrels always get them!

  6. Awesome flowers!

  7. All in good time man, it'll all be worth it :)