Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm growing things I can eat!

Sorry I have not been blogging too much recently, but With school and finals in the summer its been kinda crazy. But I'm making a come back!
As time goes on the garden starts to produce food. This makes me happy! The food grown from the garden generally tastes better then stuff from the store, and it is cheaper too! And thus far I have a small harvest of stuff other then chard!
I have me some Green Beans! they have a wonderful snap to them when bitten!
Then I have a a bunch of cucumbers, all the right size for pickling! But That is for another day.

Then You can see the green beans have out grown the cage, and actually toppled the cage over . Now it's leaning on the cucumber cage. Silly plants! I gotta get some wooden stakes to anchor it down!
Then I have a bunch of blueberries growing! They are so sweet! yummy.

Then something that is taking longer then I had hoped it would. The tomato plants! they are doing well, but still smaller then I had hoped, and not producing tomatoes yet. There are about 20 on all four of the plants, but they are still very small and green. I'm thinking I got too late of a start with these guys.
But here is all that I got . from last week! A WHOLE BUNCH of oregano, 4 crook neck squash (the yellow things) , 5 Cucumbers, about 15 green beans, and a small handful of blueberries! 
The blueberries were my favorite of the whole harvest. Mostly because they are tasty, small and easy to eat. No prep work, and they are super healthy for you too! I think the soil PH is still too high , gotta lower it for the blueberries to really love the soil and produce!
 But this is about all the tomatoes I have grown. There are a few more just like this one, but they are all still green, and rather small. They could easily fit in a 1 Cup Measuring cup. still too small, but gotta go with what you got!
Then as usual, there is a butt load of chard as well, I did not include this in the main pic up above because it would dominate the picture. Oh and say hello to KUNKUN ! so cute!

OK! thanks for reading about my garden! come back soon ! I'll have more fruits of my labor to show off!


  1. How do you treat the soil for the blueberries? I have two bushes right now (they are producing very little) and I think they are struggling.

  2. Yay! You must feel proud! :D

  3. @Grace : One of the things with blueberries is that you have to have a VERY low Soil PH, around 5.5 is best. The best way to do this is with Epson Salts, about 1 Cup for a gallon, and satureate the soil. Do this once every 4 months? or when needed, not too ofen or else the salt build up will start killing the plant. other then that use a good Organic fertilizer on it! (Dr. Earth ) What I'm going to use is this: and This on the side

  4. Good for you. I agree - stuff you grow yourself tastes SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Per my husband's request, I will be making pickles this fall, and learning to can tomatoes. Excited!

  5. what are you gonna cook with em?

  6. Cool stuff, we recently grew potatoes, they were really nice.

  7. Gardening! I see the appeal, but I don't think I'd have the patience.

  8. Awww :) how cute! I love your doggy he looks so happy.

  9. great! i'm buildin one on my own too! self-reliance FTW! great blog BTW, + followed

  10. Oh, I envy you so much; I always wanted to do this. But I live in a flat. :S
    Following and supporting! :)

  11. Smart move, if I had the motivation for it, I would love to be more self sufficient.

  12. Thanks for the advice! I am definitely going to try to epson salt mixture.